Amber Yellow Camouflage Cover Cream

Amber Yellow Camouflage Cover Cream


Yellow/Amber is opposite to purple on the color wheel, which means that dark, violet-toned under eye circles don’t stand a chance.

Application: Simply apply under your eyes and blend well with a sponge or concealer brush, then cover with powder in the same shade as your complexion. You’ll end up with a subtly brightened under-eye area; for a more dramatically contoured look, apply powder a shade lighter than your complexion over the yellow concealer and watch your concealer turn into chic highlights.

Color correcting concealers are designed to hide skin imperfections like redness, sallowness, and general discoloration. They’re particularly good for anyone with dark circles, scars, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation.
Most slight skin discoloration issues can be managed by your foundation and concealer, but if you're seeking perfection, a color corrector will do the trick! They’re especially formulated to tackle those tricky areas.

  •  Amber Yellow corrector :mild stubborn redness or rosiness.
  •  Amber Yellow corrector :brownish dark circles.
  •  Amber Yellow corrector :dark circles, fair to light complexion.


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